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All Together in the Cake Shop by PixMix
All Together in the Cake Shop a photo by PixMix on Flickr.

Like many of my trips to far and not so far away cities…cupcake hunting begins via a recommendation or mad Googling skills. During my short trip to Tallahasse (Florida) my friend Jarrod and I took advantage of one lunch break by consuming the best type of delectable around…the cupcake.

I could say this type of indulgence is a rare one but I would be lying….big time. I’m not a huge fan of establishments in “shopping plazas” but I’m learning not to raise the brow and instead embrace what matters…the inside…like a really good book.

The Cake Shop is not only adorable on the inside but will soon offer drive through service. When you first walk in a beautifully finished white, towering chest is on your left that is home to books, store t-shirts and other little nik-naks.

The case was fully stocked and the coffee was brewed.  Although, a strong pet peeve of mine happens to be large cupcakes. Mini’s I never mind, but the large ones gotta go. These tend to fall under the “faux” cupcake category.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly was calling my name. The jelly on top was stiff, I caught a hint o’ peanut butter but only when the nuts were incorporated in every bite.

What is it with BIG ass cupcakes? I’m not impressed, if anything it raises some red flags…like let’s say…a small-ish man driving a ridiculously large, raised monster road tank. You may run away screaming with a hint of disappointment.

All in all the coffee was grand and the service was sweet…I may return to try out a mini or to simply eye oogle the almost shabby chic chest. Sweets!