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It’s been one of those days where finding something pleasurable to eat has been a challenge.  I’ve been wandering around fueled by one banana and one soy latte.  Sure, I’ve thought about eating, but I’ve also thought about my acupuncturist who called me out on my junk food crash diet (as of late).

I’m caught up on My Life As Liz, on the couch, fighting the need to take the largest nap (EVER).  This is new territory for me; hungry yet unable to release my ass from the couch to fix something to eat.

Is it the freshly ground Florida heat?  The sadness of seeing two Love Bugs stuck together when only ONE is still living?  Who’s to say really.  Climbing the dirtiest set of darkly dim stairs would be more of an eyebrow raise.  Is this a common happening?  Do we at times fight what feels natural only to run (with open arms) toward a challenge?

I’m taking the natural road.  It includes one deliciously smooth Liberte yogurt and one cat nap.  Treat yourself.