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Ways For You by Photos in a Jar
Ways For You a photo by Photos in a Jar on Flickr.

There is something I find frightfully indulgent when typing with freshly polished and painted nails. I picture an open window for such occasions where I tip type away, starring into the green.

I imagine how my nails will look tomorrow morning against my coffee cup. Politely picking apart my blueberry scone which has been strategically molested with butta. So much for class…back to teaching.

This photo is far from perfect, nearly all is a blur. A mere reflection of my inner workings perhaps. When editing I tend to have a stronger sense of how I was feeling at the time than I do when actually in the moment. Weird, but there is hope!

There is learning within the waiting, for what is blurry to to fade into focus. Blur can be beautiful and so can fences…be. Carry on.