During work or in the morning, I have thoughts that just pop into my head.  They usually go hand in hand with that which I am fretting over or tip toeing around in my dreams.  I massage, I tend to think unintentionally.  My most recent thought bubble is how we attempt managing life.  I think of when I was little.  If I got a hold of something like a kitten or bubble wrap, I wanted to squeeze it, leaving no evidence (slightly demented).

The same, I’ve learned, applies to life.  The special, the important, the loved, the worries.  All can succumb to the wrestlers special squeeze of death.  This morning I loosened my grip and reached for my camera.  I pattered down the stairs, acknowledged the ever dropping  mango’s (via the mad squirrels) and took off.  May my world operate without me behind the wheel obsessively at all times. I trust, I trust, I trust.