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I type…then I look.  I type some more, then erase what I typed…then look again.  It never (and I mean never) takes much to distract me.  With that said, as I sit in Starbucks it’s no surprise how I beamed my way over to the perfect chair near the sunlit window.  People watching is what I live for.  In airports I try and find interest in books I’m reading or games I’m playing on my iPod but people always win, always.

A sickness perhaps?  Maybe.  Or maybe I just enjoy the streetly manor of most everyone.  From how they walk to the expression on their face, all in a matter of “no ones looking”.  I’m intrigued and find it slightly meditative.

What lacks the meditative response?  The Starbucks barista needing to ask everyone (including small children) if they know about the treat receipt.  Moving on.  It’s a beautiful day, I’ve already eaten too much, the sky is clear and the water fountain hath created another distraction.  A beautiful glimmery dream on the outside awning.  Notice everything that reminds you of how good, unique and worthy you are.  It’s time to go.