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Ahh, to be young.  Where every step is new and the learning hath just begun.  The simple sand is seen and the shells are collected.  This brilliant beach day brought me to a very special place in thought.  A thought birthed whilst massaging a client.

This one person in particular would not release or let go of his own body stress.  I tried my best to provide space filled with acceptance, love and relaxation.  I found myself fighting with his arm or leg, which in turn made it harder on myself.  Exhausted half way through (I once again) had a “open window in my mind” experience.

Give up the fight.  Let this poor bastard be as locked up as he wants to be.  My attempt to hold his hand was taken over by him holding it himself.  Weight lifted, hands dusted.  The rest of the treatment went smoothly.

Is it second nature or the pasts playful delight in meddling with our NOW that conjures up such resistance?  I’ve thought my whole life, stumbled down my own path and walked in my own mental circles.  Hope lies within awareness.  Thank you stranger for teaching me a lesson via your own silence.  Cheers to the clouds!