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Yup, there’s dust on my floor.  I felt zero need to remove such floor foundation during the pre-posting party earlier today.

It’s funny what being broke on a cloudy day will do for your creative juices…creative caffeinated juices that is…it…was…yes!

Dust is funny.  I think of how I only sweep at certain times of the day, due to light placement.  If the light is too bright I notice I’m just contributing to the dust exchange.  This ain’t no truffle shuffle (Goonies shout out).  This is the dust shuffle.

Much like most things happening in and around us on the daily, dust is an acceptable particle of life.  I believe there is a link between noticing dust and noticing…other things.  Things that one may find just as annoying or obvious.

What if we perceived inner turmoil as that which needs to be swept and/or shuffled about?  If the dust were actually little pieces of shit, we wouldn’t think twice of removing it.  I say, same goes for dust on the floor and “hypothetically” in our being.

Time takes time.  Like you, like you a whole bunch…enough to address the dust.