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When whisking down my stairs; I pass by the always blooming bougainvellia bush blushed against our picket fence, I never pass up the chance to photograph her.

Same bush, same blooms…same fence.  The blooms may be in a different spot, more green versus more color…neither either do they matter.  I see beauty in her always.  This day, the wind picked up.  My camera from being left inside was destined to meet Mr. humidity (she fogged up a bit).  Problematic as this may seem, the outcome was much to my liking. I says to myself, I says…

Walk into a dream, exist outside your normal realm of thinking.  Look into things versus looking at them.  Occupy what you see with fascination and wonder.  What is created and what we choose to see.  All reflections of what vibrates energetically inside.  If I feel beauty, I will see it.