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I don’t believe it to be strange that I purposely remove my Starbucks lid.  I do so because I feel every ounce of foam is worth sipping, purposely from a different spot…like a good margarita.  Could I use a spoon to mix all of this goodness together?  Why of course.  But sipping, putting the work into capturing the foam seems most attractive.

I took this photo yesterday.  Never to be disappointed with the travels I take down one of my most favorite roads.  It was brighter than all hell, simply standing in the grass produced enough sweat to cause some minor sunglass slide.

Some may call these weeds but I call them perfectly placed wild flowers.  I seemed to have stumbled upon nature’s happy hour.  Bees were buzzing, butterflies were compulsively refusing to rest their powdered asses on any flower for more than 5 seconds.  Here I stand, in the mix of it all.  Channeling my youth, tiptoeing quietly enough, hoping the butterfly would know I meant no harm.  Conclusion : I am no butterfly charma (Fried Green Tomatoes, circa 1991 minus the bees).

I wanted to immerse my camera into this wondrous flower bank.  I couldn’t get low enough.  I wanted to be tangled.  As with all sweet entanglements, this one had an expiration.  Especially after the ants let my toes know I had overstayed my welcome.  Moving on.

I carry my camera not just for beauty capturing purposes but life purposes.  She is my teacher.  She can reveal pathways and thoughts before I’m aware they need tending to.  Here we go…intuition can be as annoying as an ant bite, but so can the outcome of ignoring such a gift.  Pick your itch I always say.