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Open to Obvious by Photos in a Jar
Open to Obvious a photo by Photos in a Jar on Flickr.

At the time, I failed to be completely aware of this photo representing a heart. Now, others may see just a tree and some leaves and a bit o’ sunshine…no judgement.

I may be overdoing it with the sunshine stuff, if so, please stop me. I hate repeating stories, as I so often do, and I would loath my marinating anyone’s eyes in the bright and cheery (death via sunshine).

It’s tricky (Run DMC, circa 1986?). I find myself being ultra sensitive. Everything I see is a spark connecting to something on the inside. Causing this tug and pull to share it. I’ll get to the bottom of this I’m sure.

Like a secret kept in your pocket, it’s weight equal to 100 marbles. It’s beauty difficult to put into words. It’s core, being that which exists inside of us.

Imagination station…this light, showering you from head to toe. Eat it for breakfast, pour it in your coffee. Taste the great…or calories, your choice.