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I’ve realized two things whilst editing photos this day.  One being, after a small yet satisfying dinner with a very exceptional dose of homemade nectarine salsa, one glass of wine hath provided a delicate yet much appreciated pre-to-bed buzz.  Two being, my recent urge to walk has rendered me up early enough to catch the delicate display of early morning light…like a nice vintage lace applique, the sun showers my most favorite.  Leaves, boats and water.

I think of dreamy days spent sailing or just sitting…in a boat… that seems to be resting comfortably on a muddy, sandy bank.  Still dreaming of it’s days afloat the salty, satiny seas (five times fast, check it).

This walk led me to a much needed massage.  The walk started off great, pictures…my ass in a swing, that when swung, resembled that of cats mating + a garbage truck lift.  No matter.  The walk back was painful, sore and above all annoying.  Yeah, be all in touch and photographically obsessed with me (“says Nature”)…but tend to your own garden.  Heal a part of yourself that you’ve been ignoring.

I encourage healing, with all my heart.