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It’s a strange, strange and beautiful ting.  Picture a lot of rain, a lot of street lights- smothering the black pavement in all their illuminated glory whilst my pink flats take in the rain like a sinking dinghy.

My sweet reward was a booth seat, with my name on it, at Ella’s Folk Art Cafe in Tampa.  I was in need of some extremely well fashioned Southern food to soothe my traumatic vintage pants trying-on experience.  Picture fabulous vintage hammer pants.  Probably the most comfortable leg curtains I’ve ever tried on but, and there is a huge BUT here, I looked like a jeanie gone terribly wrong.  In the words of my friend Julie, “did you ride the short lamp?”.  Game over.

Moving on.  Our evening at Ella’s consisted of stuffed Jalapeno Poppers (Fat Japs).  A beautiful concoction of Gin and Grapefruit Juice, The Ugly Burger (pictured above) and their Mojo Chicken (didn’t make the photo cut).  Top that off with the best damn cheesecake (Bailey’s and Pumpkin Spice) that hath ever entered my mouth and you the mental picture of me waddling back to my vehicle with an hours drive home.  Brilliance I say!  I regret nothing.