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Beauty in the light, beauty in the dark.  Beauty found in the dark?

One night, it was raining and I took a picture during my sit at a stop light.  Cement pipe type things mixed with some train tracks and street lighting and there ya go.  Believe it or not, this is my passenger side window.  I was listening to a beautiful song and I felt as if the road was my poetry.  Everything I saw was beautiful.  Dark and beautifully lit by manufactured light.

As dark as this may seem, this was my moment of “Kairos” as the Grecians so brilliantly put it and of course Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance, A Day Book of Comfort And Joy.  Kairos translates to transcendence, infinity, joy, reverence, passion, love, the Sacred.  Sarah writes:

“Kairos is intimacy with the Real.”

I love how it sounds and I find that it captures in words my most meaningful experiences…many to do with my camera.  I can capture my highest self, even if for a moment.  I am open and connected, even in darkness.  May you invite “Kairos” into your day.  You have all the time you need.

Next!  My trip of North Carolina and some damn good food…word.