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As the most peasantly beautiful Ingrid Michaelson sang, “All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing…”.  I wish I could somehow type the melodic sound that accompanies said chorus.  I’ve listened to it over and over while freezing my ass off in Starbucks.  I fixate on words and then feel it necessary to play them over and over again.

Most definitely because the message, whatever it may be, is received loud and clear.  And so follow my compulsive tendencies.  Since it’s with music I find it harmless…eating an entire box of gluten free cookies is a completely different story.  Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s safer for you to consume an entire box serving.  Key point.

Breathing. Some days flows so simply and then on others…it’s as if we have to remind ourselves what it means to breathe and to breathe fully.  If I take a deep breath in, exhale…then another, I may begin to feel what  my body is aching to release.  This and that (at times) can be as attractive as a shaved cat with painted nails and false eye lashes.

If this means we must find or create a sacred/safe place to do such breathing then so be it.  My place of choice was the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I faked my way through some yoga moves…basically making up a stretch or pose that 1) felt good and 2) allowed me to not look like a complete ass.

Our breathing gives voice to our bodies (or the other way around) which then sends little messages to our brain.  Picture little red cartoon hearts circulating throughout your body, they read.  Let go….Tell Them You Love Them…Tell You, To Love You…Forgive In Your Own Time…To Hurt Is Ok…Understand…Live…Love…Be In The Moment.  No pressure, just give it a try.  Shifts in us help shift the world.

“…all that I know is I’m breathing…”

~Ingrid Michaelson, Keep Breathing-Be OK