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I’m amazed…just amazed that I was out of the house before 9.  I’m conducting a little experiment to see how my day follows.  Considering the woman I cut off in traffic I would say, so far so good.  What?!  She was a little pavement blending VW Jetta…she never stood a chance in this hazy, rain misty morning.  I’ve since consumed hot chocolate, sat next to someone applying their nail polish and witnessed an older gentleman’s shirt that read “Want Some?”.  Can’t ask for much more.

Onto some more important ramblings.  Earlier in the week a gust of wind blew away two keepsakes of mine that were comfortably nestled in a card, in a book.  Wind.  Simple, unapologetic…wind.  The thing I once admired whilst in Upstate New York had now instigated half a tear shed.

Where’s the lesson here?  You may see something…you may have something…you may have no choice but to let it go.  All of the above fueled my frustration whilst taking this photo.

I spent minutes on top of minutes squatting on the ground trying to “get” what I was a witness to.  The leaves taunting and teasing me as they grew invisible wings…a love affair!  I wanted the leaves to connect with my lens, hearing my silent wish, my need to create the perfect photo.  Oh how this story has presented itself in my own life…in a different way but hauntingly familiar.

I gracefully let go of my keepsakes.  Maybe someone else will stumble upon the butterfly wing, marveling in it’s preserved coloring…it’s still life.  Maybe someone will find the heart shaped leaf I once held in my hand and think of someone they haven’t spoken to in a while.

The “Let Go” can be as big as the hardest thing you’ve ever  had to do…or as small as let’s say an old woman honking the shit out of her horn because you cut her off in traffic.