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With the new and final month of the year, a couple of changes hath swept in the door as well.  First and foremost after four years of “willing” I have finally acquired the iPhone. I should add by “willing” I mean it’s a 4 month early birthday gift to myself.  First of all, this whole “Instagram” movement leaves me feeling empty and not so connected to what I’m taking pictures of.  It’s like the first time I took my car to the local car wash where they do everything for you.  I got in my car and felt…strange.  The car is clean and I took no part in the process, something is wrong.  Instagram, I raise a brow to you. Still learning.

How is everyone doing?!  I tell ya, I haven’t felt this much holiday cheer in years!  I’ve already been to the Singing Christmas Tree, watched The Grinch and so desperately want to see The Christmas Story musical.  Strange, I never tire of it’s marathon run on Christmas Day…ever.  It’s like a song I rarely hear and when I do, I play it until I’m sick of it.  The end.

This year, my sister has given strict instruction on sticking to our “pulling of names” for the holiday.  Which she personally rigged (slightly).  So I, in true fashion, hath strayed (slightly).  I can’t help it, when I’m out and about something catches my eye and I receive a name.  Like a little message or form of brain-mail.  I’m not saying everyone in my family is getting an iPad…these are small tokens of my thoughts and love.  Of course, these tokens are given out for free most of the year.  Just sayin.

Ya see, life is funny.  Let us give thanks, let us give thanks every day for lessons, the heart opening, compassion giving moments we encounter and self.  Even the bad stuff, after it’s done ripping and tearing, is a’ thankful.

Give to the ones you love and even the ones you don’t.  From a warm hand to a hearty hug, all that is free in me is free in you.