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Thoughts to action. As quickly as a polaroid is produced…the manifestation of thought equals happenings. A combination of focus, will and want. What if we don’t feel like focusing? We can fill our bottles with nonsense just to stray away from focus. My focus has been…on a little vacation. “I asked for a mai tai and they brought me a pina colada…” ~Office Space circa 1999.

Let us fill our bottles with creativity. Let us be mindful enough to meditate and be open to the rich sinful filling that is our hearts center. Find an object in your home or specific room that brings “the peace”…not to be confused with “da’funk” or “da’noise.” Settle…sink in…stay a while. You can color your self in peace as easily as I do my windowsills with button flowers. Choose carefully, that which fills your bottle. Namaste.