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I’m editing and writing to avoid reaching (yet again) into my compact refrigerator and snagging (yet another) Russian dumpling. Hello New Year’s Intention…FAIL. The Christmas tree is still up but everything else is proudly put away, making it’s humble slumber until next time.

My holiday was spent in glorious North Carolina, unfortunately I was housed up in a live petri dish of the stomach bug. Luckily, I was clear the whole trip until I returned home. Then all gloves were off and it was go time. I see it as fasting completely against my will.

So…naturally, as soon as my gut was up and running, I took full advantage and have been ever since. A story that melts right into my 2012 insights and suggestions.

Upon my reading the Simple I have decided on a couple of things, one being a gratitude journal. To list all that I am grateful for even when the crap pile on my day is pretty tight and tall. In doing so, the inner flow will summon the outer flow…and we’ll go skipping down the river like two best friends on a summer day in upstate NY.

Secondly. Let’s go within. My going within equals me organizing my efing closet. I always thought managing my living quarters was an unfortunate outcome of living with my mother for too long. But no! It’s actually my attempt to create order and clarity within my heart, home and mind. Try using someone else’s kitchen and it’s like navigating around their brain.

The simple is just that, simple. Not doing or going without, just to gain fullness in our every day, taking in the little things. If my gratitude and awareness weigh out my normal huffing and puffing, imagine all that I leave room for. This is all I hope my year to be.