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Did I want to walk in the water? Yes. Did I perhaps want to catch a really great shot of my reflection in the water? Why yes, I did. Did the water contain all that is dark and eery and full of bacteria and slippery, slimy things? Hell.yes!

End of story. Angela is not going in the water. Moving on. Have you ever stood in a place where the power of reflection was so apparent and strong it began to tug at your heart strings a lil? This standing body of water provided such a glimpse into depth. Perception of depth, perception of self (maybe)….depth of field, depth of decisions.

One side solid and sure, the other side open to manipulation and change…obviously welcoming such movement with it’s natural undeniable element, water. Which side was I? Am I a balance of both? (I wish). I couldn’t look away yet instantly wary of goin all Harry Potter with his Pensieve on the situation. Except, instead of seeing memories I would catch a parasite.

Perhaps yesterday was an earthly nudged reminder. To embrace both sides. To move…but be strong, to discover…but not go so deep I drown. To reflect…and know tomorrow is a new day and that change is growth. These were my lessons after much contemplation and wonderment.

Maybe one day (with deep sea fishing wear) I’ll walk in the water.