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Feeding myself in more ways than just baking this week…although baking has been quite popular. No bigs.

Was I aware that tonight, in order to make efing blueberry muffins, I would be traveling to the grocery store three times due to my inability to check my ingredients? Nah. But by the third time I was knee deep in and found myself too pissed off not to make them.

I had to replace half the called for spoonage of vanilla extract with imitation rum. Stupidly added frozen blueberries to the batter which contained beautifully warmed coconut oil. Was I distracted? Yes.

Typical me. Thinking of the outcome and not the steps needed to get there. Although people that know me would think differently. I must admit I view my new exercise routine the same way…enter muffins stage left.

I’m looking for a true commitment to better my body. Paid for and presented by my own self. The muffin disaster was just a lil wink. Tighten it up Angela, read the damn directions and take inventory of what you already possess.