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In all my traveling/field trip glory that was…this past Wednesday.  I stumbled upon (completely on purpose) a quaint little spot named Leafy Greens, located in St. Petersburg FL.  I’ll go ahead and throw it out there, it’s Raw and Oh So Vegan…which, I happen to be neither one of those.  The lifestyle appeals to me, it’s healthy, animal conscious and healthy.

I walked in and was immediately comforted by it’s small size.  Two tables were occupied. I found my corner space, placed my book and iPhone on the table and prepared for one raw experience.

First, I ordered the Lemon Cloud Tea.  A nifty little contraption where all you do is place the steeper atop the mug and the tea magically pours, effortlessly.  Immediately amused.  The tea was cloud-like.  Smooth, hints of vanilla (not to citrusized).


Second, the main course…their famously delicious Veggie Burger.  Portobello mushrooms, walnuts, sunflower seeds, red onion & nama shoyu.  Trimmings galore, raw ketchup, the best mustard (ever), guacamole, cucumbers topped with sweet baby peppers and vegan chipotle sauce.  I thoroughly enjoyed this; as did my digestive system (two thumbs up on the romaine lettuce serving as a bun).

Third.  Simple and spiced raw Apple Cobbler.  The beginnings of an apple pie dusted with a light crumble and fresh strawberries.  I sat, I ate…I read my book and caught a word or two of other diners commenting on plates and other orderings.  We chatted and smiled amongst each other, in the company of deliciousness.

This was but the middle of my day and quite firmly the middle of my personal retreat week.  A week dedicated to gifting myself time and love.