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I’ve noticed when listening to music, currently Hammock, in all their instrumental glory…I’m more open to my horoscope reading. It has nothing to do with the espresso or blueberry turnover. It’s the sound, man.

Some hard hitters this read? Friends that support our flaws and encourage our delusion. And acting on that which is beneath us. Here comes the…honesty.

Some patterns in my life I am not proud of. I see them and feel them, creeping in at just the right time. My blame finger (right index to be exact) received a tremendous workout during most of my youth. I find confusion and fear at a young age can do that.

Growing, turning away from that which no longer serves us, whether it be friends or are own patterns, can be difficult. Turnovers help but are not a guarantee to get you anywhere (except on the scale saying “shit” way too early in the morning).

I received that latte on a morning where if I could have written my name in the sky I would have. Enter bit o’ clarity. I can walk on air and pick flowers from the trees. I can recover from a soul muddying experience and I can admit when I’m wrong (most of the time).

I like my name written in coffee. I like giving myself a break in saying, “I’m not perfect.” I like standing in my truth even if that means I stand alone. I like reading horoscopes that keep my ego in check or that pet my authentic self like a newborn kitten enjoying a mid-day purrrrrfest.

Today I encourage you to say hello to everything that you are…or at least 10 if everything scares you. Admit your flaws and stand in your greatness. Even if only for the day.